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Nemo Repeater

Nemo is alive!

Having absolute trust in your equipment is paramount to survival for those who live under the water – just as much today as over 150 years ago, when Captain Nemo embarked on his expedition a long way down under the sea.

There is no room for mistakes, or for fear of darkness and the unknown, in the deep end of the ocean.

We share the same philosophy working with complicates watches. Zero tolerance for errors, doubts, and fear. Experience accumulated over a long and prominent career in haute horlogerie is vital, especially working at the peak of the complication scale – minute repeaters.

Nemo Repeater
Nemo Repeater
Nemo Repeater
Nemo Repeater
Nemo Repeater
Nemo Repeater
Nemo Repeater
Nemo Repeater
Nemo Repeater
Nemo Repeater
Nemo Repeater
Nemo Repeater
Nemo Repeater

Diving is a lifestyle and an art. As a family of passioned divers and watchmakers, we live this lifestyle. It is the challenge of pushing beyond our limits under controlled and secure conditions that excites us. Thomas has performed duty as an Officer on the German Diesel-Electric U-Boat Submarine before he reinvented himself as a master watchmaker. Therefore, it is a logical progression that he would work on a project that brings his two careers together.

With that in mind, we present the newest member of Thomas Prescher’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”-inspired Nemo series:

The Nemo Repeater

Apart from its distinctive aesthetics and superb finishing, the watch realized a novel idea. Playfully incorporated into the Nemo case design, a mechanical lever on the case sets off the repetition minutes mechanism, actuating the two gongs to chime the time. The vintage movement from the 1900s perfectly complements the steampunk-style of the watch.

The project was born when a client had sent us a Haas pocket watch movement with repeating function, to be restored and transformed into a wristwatch. It was both Thomas’ and the client’s intention to create something different.

Nemo Repeater ok 2.jpg

Nemo Repeater - Technical information:

  • Movement: Meticulously restored pocket Haas Minute repeater from 1900,  Diameter 35mm, Height 9mm

  • Indications: Central Hour and Minute, small second at 6 o’clock

  • Complications: Minute repeater with two hammers, one for hours, one for quarters, and together for minutes

  • Frequency: 18000bph

  • Power reserve: Approx. 40h

Modules and modifications:

  • Crown at 9 o’clock

  • Small second indication relocated to 6 o’clock position

  • New wrist-watch case to house the movement, with clasp charger at 3 o’clock for the repetition mechanism

  • New charging lever connected to the existing mechanism in the movement


  • Completely new case in two-tone stainless steel and sweat-resistant bronze with display back

  • New dial and hands in Nemo’s steampunk design style

  • Case diameter: 44mm (plus crown and repeater activation lever)

  • Case height: 13mm

  • Glass: Front and back sapphire with vaporized sapphire surface and anti-reflective (AR) coating. Mohs hardness: 9, scratch-resistant on the AR treatment.

  • Strap: Bespoke veal leather strap in vintage style

  • Buckle: Thomas Prescher buckle in stainless steel

  • Packaging: Hand-made travel pouch in vintage style


Additional Information

This watch was a project of passion. It required a lot of patience from both sides. The watch took over three years to complete.  We’ve asked the client to document his experience with the cooperation and communication with Thomas over the course of the project, which resulted in a lasting friendship between Thomas and the client.

Nemo Repeater Bell sound
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