"Within the years many questions have been ask on what I do, how i do it and why i doy it.
At this place you participate in some answers i gave and also in comments of others which i think his the point." -
Thomas Prescher
"Watchmaking on the most extreme level has lost it functional sense. Watches created by passion become beauty and harmony to carress eyes and soul with esthetic." - Thomas Prescher
"Days, weeks, months, years - time passes from eternity into eternity. Mankind continues to divide the infinite band of time into ever finer divisions - hours, minutes, seconds. Time is formed by man’s repetition of it, giving it a new form. Minutes and hours are created from the smallest unit within the infinite band of days - with man circling down into it again and again." - unknown author

Real luxury is where craftsmenship becomes art to collect.

Thomas Prescher


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