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At what Point does an Everyday Object become Art?

               What makes art come alive? It is the person who is enjoying it. Art is inspiring, it is creative and maybe most importantly, art is always unique in its own ways.

After making art for over 20 years now, we still strongly believe that art is not just about the final piece to be astonishing, mesmerizing, complex and creative. It is about the process of creating such a piece, the creating process together with a new owner – concentrating on dreams and thoughts as well as making them become reality.

Each of our watches has its own soul that comes to life during the days and month of its creation in our workshop in Switzerland. The uniqueness of our art is defined by the fact that every single detail can be made and is done to the suggestions and wishes of our customers. Every single component of the watch is done either by Thomas Prescher himself or one of our few very talented team members who are spending hours to bring each part to absolute perfection and beauty just for you!

In the end the “reason to exist” of real high-end luxury watches is just the same as of great oil paintings or astonishing marble sculptures. Its about visual harmony, esthetics, and fascination. However, with watches comes the fact that they contribute functionality at the same time as everyday object.

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