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Perpetual Calendar  „QP 1“



Calendar watches, always indicating the correct date - especially with different monthly lengths – have fascinated humans since hundreds of years.

The challenge for Thomas Prescher was to create the highly-complex mechanism of a perpetual calendar for the size of a wrist-watch and to arrange both, time indication and that of the calendar as readable as possible.

With the „QP 1“all hands are located on one central axle. The available space on the round dial is optimally used by concentric circles. All indications are clearly arranged and well readable.

To underline the clarity of the dial organization the use of numbers was limited to date and day.

With the choice for numbers the readability is given in almost all cultural and linguistic areas.

For the indication of months, hours and minutes the indexes on outside edge of the dial are used.

With many perpetual calendars the hand for the date normally starts to move around 9 pm; at the end of February even earlier. With the instantly jumping calendar indications of the “QP 1” this unpleasant effect is avoided.

As a result of the technical concept and the basic shape, the „QP 1 “ presents an unknown variety for composition; beeing free in the choice of materials, in the design of dial and hands. A watch for individualists - absolutely manufactured to personal desires.

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