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Nemo Officer

Thomas Prescher 
Involved in Sensational Archaeological Project?

The diver fought against the strong current. Each time he removed another piece of mud it cost him immense energy…Again and again he rubbed away more dirt. This extremely difficult work must succeed. “Nau…”, one more piece of dirt falls away. “Nautilus”…appeared as the team succeeded. Finally, they discovered Captain Nemo’s submarine, and inside they found several plans of mechanical machines, which were later discovered to be plans of the different crew members’ watches…

With the NEMO OFFICER Thomas Prescher presents finally the third watch of his Nemo Trilogy. The watch between NEMO SAILOR and NEMO CAPTAIN!

The NEMO OFFICER with its retrograde time indication and the detailed steam punk design stands for the never-ending sea just like the creativity of Thomas Prescher.

This exceptional watch has actually a deep meaning to Thomas as he served many years as Navy Officer in the German Navy and spent thousands of hours on destroyers, frigates and even a submarine!

The watch was presented first on the Shanghai Watch Festival in December 2018!

Become a part of the Nemo Crew!

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