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Technical Features

1 MAD 8 B.jpg

•Minimalistic design

•Only important elements are shown

•Full symmetry in all axes

•One bended symmetry axes

•Complete transparence

1 MAD 8 back C.jpg

The Mysterious Design

1 MAD 5 10a_edited.jpg
1 MAD 8 c.jpg

Visible Elements

•Hour and minute indication

•Switchable 24hour earth-time or moon-time indication with 3D ball

•Double Axis Tourbillon

•Oscillating weight with integrated calendar and earth-time or moon-time indicator

Mysterious Features

•Flying Double Axis Tourbillon 

•A watch with no visible movement

•Bended movement with upright hidden main plates

•Switchable earth-time or moon-time

•Three-dimensional moon - earth

•Horizontal oscillating weight

•Calendar integrated in the oscillating weight

•Earth - moon - time - indicator integrated in the oscillating weight

1 MAD 8 back1.jpg
Nemo Repeater ok 9_edited.jpg
MAD 5 Einsteins birthday showing moon phase half moon loosing 1.jpg

Technical Data

Movement information:


Dimensions                                  42 x 26 x 3 mm

Height, two main plates              3.5 x 8.5 x 30mm

Number of components              279

Number of jewels                        52

Weight of smallest screw used   0.009 g

Frequency                                    21’600 beats per hour (3 Hz)

Number of barrels                        Two

Plates and bridges                       Confidential

Balance wheel                             Copper-beryllium CuBe2

Balance spring                             Flat hairspring

Power reserve                              About 50 hours


Number of flying axes                   2

Height of tourbillon rotation         16.2mm

Revolution time first axis               1 minute

Revolution time second axis         1 minute 

Diameter of balance wheel           9.5 mm

Diameter of cage                           12.3 mm

Tourbillon weight first axis            0.347 g

Weight of first and second axis    0.766 g

1 MAD 8 B.jpg

Case details:

Case dimensions      45.55 x 36.5mm

Case height               18mm

Case horn to horn     55.4mm

Case material            Platinum 950 or 18-karat gold or Titanium

Glasses                      Sapphire 1.2mm, sapphire glass on front and back,
                                   glasses anti-reflective on both sides,

Strap                          Hand sewn alligator

Buckle                        Platinum 950 or 18-karat gold or Titanium


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