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Double Axis Tourbillon Nautica



This model was planned together with a Scandinavian fan of Trimaran sailing who wanted a custom made watch.

He had an ambitious project to surround the North Pole with a big Trimaran during summertime.  Because the ice is now regular going back and it would be possible to do so average every second year.

You surly can imagine that due to my former profession as a navy officer I was immediately intrigued by this idea.

The adventurer liked the double axis Tourbillon because the motion of the carriage reminded him to the motion of the gyro compass.

Together with him the Double Axis Tourbillon was modified to the challenges of an Arctic adventure like this. The design was adapted to a sportive Look and some nautical symbols were integrated. The pole ice has to be surrounded as a barrier. Indicated by the nautical cardinal marks.

For a watch like that we have chosen steel as case material and an ice grey dial with hands formed like a compass needle. Modifications to the client’s whishes are possible. So a dinner version in platinum can be made as good as versions with precious stones or just other case materials.

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