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First watch of “Nemo Triptychron” 


"The diver fought against the intense current. Each time he removed another piece of mud it took him immense energy. This morning he was searching for a clue; would they be right with their assessment? What a big success when he discovered a porthole on the big metal capsule lying on the ground of the sea near the Norwegian coast. Now he is spending the last reserves of his oxygen to clean the nameplate over the door. Again and again he rubbed the dirt away. This extremely difficult work must succeed. “Nau…”, one more piece of dirt falls away. “Nautilus”,… the team succeeded. Finally they discovered Captain Nemos submarine. …"


Thomas Prescher’s “Nemo” watches are inspired by Jules Verne’s “20’000 leagues under the Sea” and different steampunk and art nouveau influences. To create this marvel Thomas Prescher dived into a cosmos of images and stories of the late 19th century. Surrounded by a collection of material of these topics he created a fantastic story around all the things he found and published it every few days like a diary about a new sensational archeological discovery.

A lot of attention was paid to this new way of letting the public participate in the creative process. It was clearly indicated that the story was invented but many readers were so fascinated that they have taken it for real. So the entire project became a fabulous success.


Important design elements are the porthole look of the bezel and back. Nameplates and index rings are inspired by old steam engines and steam punk design. 
The design highlights the materials used. For the lugs and front and back bezels saltwater resistant copper bronze was chosen, it has the right look and it ages with time to a wonderful patina. When softly re-polished it gains the charming look of ancient things. Together with the stainless steel a fabulous contrast is created.
For the appliqués, on the dial but also on the case, a soft copper found its way into the design. The copper’s warm red color together with the traditional method of engraving the letters and filling them with paint round out the design to perfection.
The balance between free spaces on the dial and many little details gives the eye time and place to recover before starting again to discover the high end craftsmanship in the finish and the contrast between brushed surface and polished chamfer or the nameplate of the series in copper embracing the case at 9 o’clock. 
For the oscillating weight an Art Nouveau window by Arnold Lyongrün gave the inspiration. It is a lovely composed detail as a fully closed slice. The transparent case back shows perfectly this special Nemo rotor with its copper appliqué and the white rhodium nameplates.


A really breathtaking detail is the crown. Inspired by the form of historic valves it is a bit the cherry on the cake of this marvel.


The case measures 44 mm in diameter and 12 mm in height. Clients have the possibility to choose their own movement. Depending on the movement the height may differ a bit.

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