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Nemo Sub l



Independent watchmaker Thomas Prescher

embarks on what is perhaps his most ambitious journey with a new timepiece that mixes art and horology in a way never before imagined. The 2014 NEMO SUB I is a steampunk submariner inspired mechanical watch with an automatic-winding bi-axial tourbillon and triple-piece case that is produced mostly from precision machined synthetic sapphire crystal. 


Thomas Prescher combines sapphire crystal with 18k red gold and palladium for one of the most unique and original watch cases ever produced. Inherently avant-garde, the NEMO SUB I case is divided into three main pieces that includes a larger central tube, as well as two smaller peripheral tubes on each side. The purpose of the side tubes is to indicate the hours and minutes, as they are connected by a discreet gear shaft to the cylindrical mechanical movement that is placed inside the larger main tube. 

This is perhaps the ultimate exhibition case and movement. For the first time ever Thomas Prescher has designed a movement with a half-cylinder-shaped automatic rotor that winds in each direction. Visible through the sapphire crystal tube case, it powers the carefully assembled bi-axial tourbillon movement. The front of the case has a view showing the tourbillon which spins on two axis points, each in 60 second rotations. The design makes for a visually stunning display as only Thomas Prescher - a master of multi-axis tourbillon – is capable of presenting. 

Toward to rear of the main case is a second gyroscopic-style (or cardanic-spherical oscillator) automatic rotor which is used for a purely whimsical purposes. Its function is power the functioning propellers shafts located in each of the side tubes. These exist to complete the submarine fantasy in the world of Captain Nemo.


At the top of the NEMO SUB I case are two porthole-style crowns that are used to either set the time or wind the mechanical movement. Thomas Prescher has ensured that despite the unorthodox nature of the NEMO SUB I design, any watch lover will understand its operation inherently. 


Thomas Prescher’s journey into the steampunk aesthetic began in 2012 with the release of the Nemo Sailor and later in 2013 with the tourbillon-based Nemo Captain. 2014 continues Thomas Prescher’s fascination with the world retro-futuristic world of steampunk with the NEMO SUB I, while will be part of a limited edition of only five pieces.


The initial piece will be produced in 2014, while the remaining four pieces will be delivered starting in 2015.


Each Thomas Prescher watch is produced in Switzerland exclusively by Thomas Prescher himself.


He makes handmade watches to the very highest standards; their finish is among the best available. So is his service: he offers modifications to client’s wishes for all his models and many existing customers revel in the fact that even their most lavish dreams and wishes can be fulfilled.

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