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A vision.

That is normally the beginning of a time sculpture manufactured by Thomas Prescher. 


During our work about Oman, their habitants and the culture we found the beautiful coat of arms of Oman. We were immediately inspired to make one of our Tempusvivendi watches with this emblem.



In non temporal state the watch is showing the coat of arms. By pressing the pusher in the crown the swords are changing into time indication position. It is a double retrograde system with jumping hours. By using the pusher again the swords are going back in non temporal position.



Thomas Prescher has developed this exquisite concept to give the connoisseur the choice: Having the figure continuously showing the time or allowing it to simply remain in its non-temporal state. This could only be achieved through the use of a complicated and ingenious new system, which Thomas Prescher created especially for his watches, after studying and repairing old originals.


The plate directly under the swords can be used for personal engravements like a number, for names or “presented by…”. All kinds of individualizations are possible.


Excellent design, the finest materials, perfect processing, beauty for generations.


This is the minimum you get if you select a handcrafted timepiece,

a unique work of art, luxury from the house of Thomas Prescher.

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